London Breast Meeting 2015

On Demand

Session 1

Implant reconstruction following mastectomy
Chairs: James Namnoum (USA) & Mark Ho-Asjoe (UK)
Introduction and overview James Namnoum (USA) (5 mins)
Topic 1: Mastectomy planning in the large and ptotic breast Roy de Vita (ITA) (5 mins), Gerald Gui (UK) (5 mins)
Topic 2: Tips and tricks in nipple sparing mastectomy Roy de Vita (ITA) (5 mins)
Topic 3: Implant reconstruction post-radiotherapy Stefano Pompei (ITA) (5 mins), Michael Scheflan (ISR) (5 mins)
Topic 4: Technical refinements of the LD flap Cédric George (SWI) (5 mins), Nicolas Leymarie (FRA) (5 mins)
Discussion (15 mins)

Session 2

The second stage following implant reconstruction
Chairs: Gerald Gui (UK) & Yoav Barnea (ISR)
Introduction and overview Gerald Gui (UK) (5 mins)
Topic 1: How to do fat grafting to the thin skin envelope Michael Scheflan (ISR) (5 mins)
Topic 2: Tips and tricks of nipple reconstruction Stefano Pompei (ITA) (5 mins), Alfred Fitoussi (5 mins)
Topic 3: Strategies for solving complications and unfavourable results Mark Ho-Asjoe (UK) (5 mins), James Namnoum (USA) (5 mins)
Discussion (15 mins)

Session 3

The battle: future of breast reconstruction - autologous vs hybrid (implant, ADM, fat)
Referee: Günter Germann (GER)
Autologous: Philip Blondeel (BEL), Jaume Masia (SPA)
Hybrid: Michael Scheflan (ISR), James Namnoum (USA)

Session 4

Exhibitors session

Content not available.

Session 5

Refinements of autologous reconstruction
Chairs: Stefan Hofer (CAN) & Jaume Masia (SPA)
Introduction and overview Stefan Hofer (CAN) & Jaume Masia (SPA) (5 mins)
Topic 1: Latest advances in autologous flaps for thin patients: PAP, LAP, LTP, DCIA Stefania Tuinder (NED) (5 mins), Koenraad van Landuyt (BEL) (5 mins), Ed Buchel (CAN) (5 mins)
Topic 2: Marking of DIEP, SGAP and TUG flaps Ed Buchel (CAN) (3 mins), Philip Blondeel (BEL) (3 mins), Aldona Spiegel (USA) (3 mins), Koenraad van Landuyt (BEL) (3 mins), Eric Santamaria (MEX) (3 mins)
Topic 3: How to shape the flap in a delayed setting Martin Haug (SWI) (5 mins), Christoph Andree (GER) (5 mins)
Topic 4: Sensation of the reconstructed breast Aldona Spiegel (USA) (8 mins)
Topic 5: SIEA flap Ed Buchel (CAN) (5 mins), Discussion (20 mins)

Session 6

How to achieve consistent results in autologous breast reconstruction
Chairs: Eric Santamaria (MEX) & Stefania Tuinder (NED)
Introduction and overview Eric Santamaria (MEX) (5 mins)
Topic 1: The DIEP flap under 4 hours Ed Buchel (CAN) (5 mins)
Topic 2: Tips and tricks of the anastomosis Christoph Andree (GER) (5 mins), Stefan Hofer (CAN) (5 mins)
Proudly supported by ZEISS and S&T Instruments
Topic 3: Management of the congested flap Philip Blondeel (BEL) (5 mins), Jaume Masia (SPA) (5 mins)
Topic 4: Pain management in autologous reconstruction Stefan Hofer (CAN) (5 mins)
Discussion (10 mins)

Session 7

Surgery for lymphoedema
Chair: Aldona Spiegel (USA)
Introduction and overview Aldona Spiegel (USA) (2 mins)
Topic 1: How to raise a vascularised lymph node groin flap Koenraad van Landuyt (BEL) (8 mins)
Topic 2: How to perform lymphatico-venous bypass Jaume Masia (SPA) (8 mins)
Topic 3: What is the management post-lymphodema surgery? Christoph Andree (GER) (5 mins)
Discussion (15 mins)

Session 8

Best case, best save
Presentation of most challenging, unusual cases and their solutions by delegates
Moderators: Eric Santamaria (MEX), Koenraad van Landuyt (BEL)
Delegates: Rishi Sharma (3 mins), Khalid Maaytah (3 mins), Agnieszka Kolacinska (3 mins), Haitham Salih (3 mins), Nakul Patel (3 mins), Burcu Celet Ozden (3 mins), Henrietta Creasden (3 mins)

Breakfast Seminar

Anastomosis techniques in breast reconstruction
Chair: Jian Farhadi (UK)
Christopher Andree (GER) (10 mins), Stefan Hofer (CAN) (10 mins)
Proudly supported by ZEISS and S&T Instruments

Session 9

Breast conservation surgery
Chairs: Stefano Pompei (ITA) & Helen McEvoy (UK)
Introduction and overview Stefano Pompei (ITA) (5 mins)
Topic 1: How to deal with the medial quadrant Nicholas Leymarie (FRA) (6 mins), Richard Rainsbury (UK) (10 mins)
Topic 2: Recurrence following breast conservation surgery Gerald Gui (UK) (6 mins), Christoph Tausch (SWI) (6 mins)
Topic 3: Lipofilling in breast conservation Yoav Barnea (ISR) (6 mins)
Discussion (15 mins)

Session 10

Congenital breast deformity
Chairs: Michael Scheflan (ISR) & Alfred Fitoussi (FRA)
Introduction and overview Michael Scheflan (2 mins)
Topic 1: When and how to use expanders/implants and flaps Helen McEvoy (UK) (5 mins), Jan Jernbeck (5 mins)
Topic 2: Non-invasive correction of pectus excavatum by custom made silicone implant Jean-Pierre Chavoin (FRA) (5 mins)
Discussion (15 mins)

Session 11

Breast augmentation
Chairs: Roy de Vita (ITA) & Cédric George (SWI)
Introduction and overview Roy de Vita (ITA) (2 mins)
Topic 1: Subfascial augmentation combined with fat Ernst Magnus Noah (GER) (6 mins), Stefano Pompei (ITA) (6 mins)
Topic 2: Augmentation in the moderately ptotic breast Giovanni Botti (ITA) (6 mins), Patrick Mallucci (UK) (6 mins), James Namnoum (USA) (6 mins)
Discussion (15 mins)

Special session

Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma: staging, disease progression, and management strategies
Mark Clemens (USA) (10 mins)

Acelity™ sponsored symposium

Material selection in breast reconstruction: where's the evidence?
Mark Ho-Asjoe (UK)

Session 12

Chairs: Patrick Mallucci (UK) & Phillip Blondeel (BEL)
Introduction and overview Patrick Mallucci (UK) (2 mins)
Topic 1: How to avoid the double bubble in augmentation-mastopexy Jan Jernbeck (SWE) (6 mins), Giovanni Botti (ITA) (6 mins)
Topic 2: How and when to use slings and meshes in breast reduction Ernst Magnus Noah (GER) (6 mins), Mark Ho-Asjoe (UK) (6 mins)
Discussion (15 mins)

Session 13

The not so perfect result
Chairs: Jan Jernbeck (SWE) & Christoph Andree (GER)
Introduction and overview Jan Jernbeck (SWE) (5 mins)
Topic 1: Correction of nipple position James Namnoum (USA) (5 mins), Patrick Mallucci (UK) (5 mins)
Topic 2: Correction of bottoming out Aldona Spiegel (USA) (5 mins), Eric Santamaria (MEX) (5 mins), Giovanni Botti (ITA) (5 mins)
Topic 3: How to correct rippling Roy de Vita (ITA) (5 mins), Alfred Fitoussi (5 mins)
Discussion (15 mins)

Session 14

What have I changed in my practice in the last year?
Chairs: Jaume Masia (SPA) & Jian Farhadi (UK)