Technique Videos

Patient marking videos

Proper flap marking is the first step towards a successful breast reconstruction. In order to obtain adequate tissue volume, the maximum amount of tissue available is often required. Personal approaches to safely obtaining the maximum volume of tissue will be presented.

In each video, the presenter will show a short film to demonstrate their approach and technique in marking DIEP, SGAP and TUG flaps.

Chris Andree (GER), Phillip Blondeel (BEL), Ed Buchel (CAN), Stefan Hofer (CAN), Nicolas Leymarie (FRA), Frank Lista (CAN), Jaume Masia (ESP), Babak Mehrara (USA), Maurizio Nava (ITA), Venkat Ramakrishnan (UK), Andrew Salzberg (USA), Eric Santamaria (MEX), Aldona Spiegel (USA), David Song (USA)